It started out as a simple talk between two friends about the weird events that happen everyday at the workplace. It is more than just your normal run of the mill gossip, mind you. Maj and I spent countless hours talking about the complexities between human relationships at our office. Truly, it is extremely amusing and sometimes... distracting.

All that talk then translated into a small write-up which I did because I had nothing else to do. It was supposed to be nothing more than that. A drabble of some sorts. But then it was received with such enthusiasm that it is currently an on-going project of mine. Another original work of fiction. All characters and places in the story have a real life counterpart in our workplace. Now Shie has jumped into the bandwagon and now the three of us make up the writing team of "Gods of the Gernathenon". Don't ask me about the title though... It means something. Haha.

Now Maj told me to make all entries regarding the book as private on my journal so as to prevent plagiarism. She even talked about bookbinding it and selling it. Hahahah. This is going to be fun. Am now thinking of the third chapter and how I'm gonna make all the characters interact. Told my friend to help me out with the book art cover.

Oh well, there goes my writing hiatus.